10 September 2012


I took time over the weekend to enjoy the daffodils and freesias in the garden, and the magnolia in bloom nearby. Spring is a wonderful time of year, full of new life and unlimited possibilities. Auckland has a sub-tropical climate and mostly evergreen trees. In autumn the few trees that shed their leaves do so against a backdrop of green, but today I did spot a few trees nearby with new buds and some obligatory lambs in a field.

If I stop to think about the fact that it's September then the spring feeling does seem a little strange. After living so many years in the northern hemisphere it takes time to rearrange your year, and look forward to summer from December through to March.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who is affected by the weather outside my window. A clear blue sky and a warm sunny day makes me feel good, and it's harder to find that deeply buried well of enthusiasm on a cold, damp day.

When writing scene settings I make every effort not to sound like a weather forecast, but weather is a great mood setter, and don't forget your characters may be as affected by it as I am.

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