23 February 2013

Questions and Answers

My other half rarely gives a short answer if he can tell you everything he knows about the topic in question. When the little people ask why the sea goes in and out, they're treated to information about the moon, gravity, spring tides, king tides etc. He does explain it in terms you can understand, but it's not a short answer. Likewise when I ask anything technical about the inner workings of my laptop or car.

I've learned (through long experience!) to preface any question with the words, 'I don't have much time, can I have the bullet point answer please.' It doesn't usually make any difference!

Today he met his match. We have just finished a few maintenance jobs and needed to match the paint for the outside of the house to repaint the porch. We didn't know the exact shade and took a small sample to our local DIY store, and started checking the paint charts.

If you've done this recently you'll know there are hundreds, if not thousands of shades. Fortunately the resident expert was on hand. He was extremely helpful with a good eye for colour matches. With his help we decided on the closest shade. Then he asked what building materials were used for the house. From there he began telling us about the different types of paint required for various building materials, and what can happen if you use the wrong type...

At this point I tuned out. My husband doesn't give up so easily, and carried on with the conversation, though he only managed to get in a few brief comments. I found it hard to keep a straight face watching him on the receiving end, and to stop myself laughing I had to wander away and pretend great interest in some chairs I didn't want.  

Needless to say he didn't see any similarity between this and his long answers to short questions. I enjoyed it, and it made a boring trip to the DIY store very entertaining. 

By the way, the colour match of the paint is excellent.

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