03 January 2011

Happy New Year

Here’s to a great new year for everyone: writer, reader, blog surfer.  I know it’s the third day of the New Year, but it’s the first Monday and so I’m keeping my goal to post at least twice a week (Monday and Friday).
I was reading Nicola Morgan’s post for New Year’s day – a very good one on strategies rather than goals, as in means to an end, rather than the end.  Jeannie in the previous post commented on my focus, someone else recently said driven, we’ll have to see about that in a month or so!
For the first part of my life I lived in various countries in the northern hemisphere, some hotter than others, but all obviously in winter at this time of the year.  I love celebrating Christmas and New Year during summer, and every year listening to Christmas carols while wandering around shops in summer clothes seems more familiar. 
My current work in progress is set in London, in early spring, and as I sit here in hot temperatures, having just spent a couple of hours at the beach I need all that focus.  At present I am working on making more of London in the manuscript, almost as another character.  I’m using notes I made on my last visit, and as I read my descriptions of places, individuals and incidents I can see many of them as if I were looking at a photo.  Thank goodness for the writer’s notebook!

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