26 February 2011


The reason for the silence is that I've been away.  We went to some quiet and beautiful spots along the coast of the upper South Island.  One of the places we stayed was just out of Marahau which borders the Abel Tasman National Park, and is the start of the Abel Tasman track. 
That area, and one of the beaches there, is the setting for some of the scenes in Driftwood.  It was lovely revisiting the area after a number of years.  Mobile phone coverage was patchy and internet access unavailable.  It was great.  Although I do admit to a few instances of withdrawal symptons, and wondering what exciting emails awaited me.  
We were in Blenheim getting ready to fly back to Auckland when we heard about the earthquake in Christchurch, and like many others across the country watched events happening via uncut footage from people going through the frightening events.  No one in the airport could take their eyes from the TV screens, and I guess like me, many were thinking this is happening just a couple of hours drive down the road.  The airport is next to the Air Force base and we watched the helicopters load up and take off for Christchurch.
My heart goes out to those who have gone through six months of aftershocks and tremors, only to be faced with unbelievable devastation again, and to those who have lost family, friends, and homes.  It may be of little comfort but our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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