28 February 2011


Today I came across the term SABLE (thanks Cat), it’s an acronym used by people who are crafty at crafts, and means Stash Advancement Beyond Life Expectancy.
I have tried my hand at a few craft projects in the past, and given up on every occasion due to my general lack of ability at all things crafty. 
I was doing a clean up of my writing files the other day, otherwise known as looking for an article I knew I had somewhere.  I think I can put my hand up to suffering SABLE in respect of writing stuff such as starters for short stories, novels, and magazine articles.  Not to mention the technical articles I keep for reference purposes.
When I started out writing seriously I concentrated on short stories.  The best thing about short stories is that they are short, thought they do take longer than just writing the first draft.  I have had some hanging around for a year or more before being adequately polished and sent out, but at least in that time I have been writing other stories and articles.
Writing a novel takes a lot longer, and then there is the reading and editing, rewriting, and on it goes.
Today is the last day of February and while I didn’t quite meet my goal every week for the number of days I wrote, I have (phew) met my goal of finishing what I hope to be the final draft of Ordinary Day, though I am toying with a change of title. 
However I’m not quite ready to send it out and have enlisted some beta readers while I set to work on the synopsis.  Now where was that article on how to write a winning synopsis.

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