09 September 2011

One Year On

This blog is a year old at the weekend.  Wow a whole year!
I started it wanting to write about my experiences in publishing and writing, and hoping something in it may just help someone else.  Blogging about writing may seem like an indulgence to some people, but it has helped me to focus on things I do instinctively, and really look at the processes I use, as well as question if it is the best way, or at least the best way for me.
I’ve learned a lot this year, and think I can say I’m a better writer than I was a year ago.  A lot of that is thanks to the friendship and feedback from my writing group, so thanks guys.
Through this blog I’ve got to know some of the people who’ve left comments, or got in touch via email, and I've also heard from friends I’d lost contact with.
It’s been a great writing year.  Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. I second that - the advantage of a focused and productive group of like-minded (not necessarily writing in the same genre, but with the same aspirations) group who give and can take the constructive comments.
    The group would thank you too, Shauna.