30 September 2011


As I plan the final read-through/s and edit/s (hedging my bets here!) of Interrupted Lives, the thoughts at the back of my mind have been pushing forward.  They are of a three-quarters complete first draft. 
I left the manuscript at that point for a couple of reasons.  I had finally heard back from publishers with feedback on Interrupted Lives, and went back to editing and working on that.  The other – very minor! – point was that I was stuck at that part of the first draft.
I’ve decided to go back and do more planning on the partially complete first draft, as I spent less time on that than I usually do.
A comment on the blog a while ago mentioned Save The Cat by Blake Snyder, which I’ve been reading and finding very helpful, so many thanks for putting me onto that.  On the topic of screenwriting – writing is writing whatever the end medium – is this post on getting a different perspective to a troublesome scene.

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  1. So glad you're enjoying Blake. He has been a breakthrough for me as I was struggling without much structure. He makes it so clear,it's a dream come true. Your sidebar gave me Nicola Morgan's blog, so now we can trade thank yous. Liz (must get myself out of anonymous and into a blog name soon!)