10 October 2011

How Much Is Enough?

When it comes to editing, how much should you do before you let go?
This is mostly a rhetorical question, but feel free to voice your thoughts.
I know I have perfectionist tendencies, though not necessarily perfectionist skills.  For the technical writing projects I do there is always a deadline.  That is fortunate or I would never finish a project (and therefore never get paid), as I always feel there is room for improvement.  But when it comes to my writing, I either don't have a deadline, or it's a self-imposed one, and so not quite as real.
Too few edits and the work is not a complete package, but can there be too many edits?  And if there are, then what is the magic number?
I have a feeling there is no magic number, or rather that the magic number is different for each writer, and probably different for each novel.  I hope that the partially complete first draft of my next novel will ultimately need less edits than Lives Interrupted, but we shall see.

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