04 November 2011

Categories and Pigeonholes

When I begin developing a workshop or training course one of the first questions I ask is, 'Who is my target audience?'
I sometimes get asked what type of books I write, and I find this quite difficult to answer.  Driftwood is about relationships.  Lives Interrupted is about coping with the aftermath of a disaster, but it is still about relationships.  One of the themes I saw, after writing the first draft, was the importance of friendship and the things we do for friends when they need us.
I don't like pigeonholes, after all I'm a person not a pigeon, but bookstores and people like to put books into neat categories.
Where this is leading is that I've been thinking about target audiences.  Yes I know, I'm coming at this a little late.  I've heard people talk about knowing their target audience and writing specifically for them, and I do agree with this a little, but I also want to write from the heart.  I write the type of book I like to read, and write what I feel passionate about.  The books I write aren't the only types of books I read, I love books that make me laugh, but so far I haven't found the knack of that.  Maybe next time!

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