07 November 2011


Recently I celebrated a year of blogging, and I've just realised that this is the 100th post.  It's been an interesting journey and I'm still learning.  It took me a while before I discovered how to schedule posts for future dates, and I'm playing catch up adding tags to posts so they can be searched by topic.
When I started I didn't have too much of a plan.  I wanted to write about my publishing and writing experiences hoping they might be of help, or at least interest, to someone else.  I don't think I posted at regular intervals at first, but one of my writing goals at the beginning of the year was to post twice a week.  I chose that as I didn't think I could come up with something everyday.  Sometimes I have an abundance of ideas and write several posts at once, and at other times, well I'm sure you get the picture.
Sometimes I've read, heard, or seen something and immediately thought I'm going to blog about that.  Occasionally I realise how much I talk about writing, and how boring it probably is to those who don't share my passion.  It has also made me realise how important writing is to me, and what a big part of my life it is.
Here's to the next 100 posts.

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