11 June 2012

My Desk

The past few months I've been working for a couple of companies in the city centre. It's been good meeting new people as working from home can be solitary, though I think that's why I enjoy it. Today I'm back at the dining table, which passes for my desk. To be honest we rarely eat at the table as it's usually piled high with paperwork for my paying projects, receipts I need to enter for tax, and research stuff for the book I'm trying to finish, as well as articles that have interested me etc.

I love the dining table; it's the type of table I've always wanted.  A solid (read heavy) piece of real wood. About six or seven years ago we walked into a café for something to eat (obviously), and sat at a table, when I realised this was the type of table I'd always wanted.

I asked the girl at the counter about them, and found out that the chef's brother was a carpenter, and had made them. Lady luck, good fortune, whatever - I rang him and a few weeks later I had my dining table. He makes them in Kauri, which is a treasured wood in New Zealand, and which unfortunately we couldn't afford, and also Macrocarpa. The Macrocarpa is lovely, and when it was new it had the most amazing smell.

I'm writing at my desk and I'm very happy.

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