07 March 2013

Passport Photo

Just before Christmas I went to Sydney for a few days, and a quick look at my passport reminded me that the dreadful day was fast approaching. I'm sure you know the day I'm referring to - the task we dread, as it will live with us for years to come. Getting a new passport, or more to the point, getting a new passport photo.

I've been putting off the task, waiting for a day when I felt the photo would be marginally better than the one I've lived with for the last five years. However the events of earlier this week have put that back a while now.

My latest contract job means I'm working for a corporate company in the city for the next few months. Everyone needs a swipe card to get around the building. I was whisked away to get mine without being told it was a photo ID card.

'Stand against that wall. 3,2,1.'  That was it, not even a flash to let me know what was happening.

The colour selection was off, to say the least. I look as though I've just been overcooked on a sunbed. To be honest I'm surprised they even let me in the building, as I don't recognise myself from the photo. 

I won't be getting my passport photo for a while!

As a postscript to this ordeal event. A Japanese student sat next to me on the bus this evening. Some of her friends were already on the bus just across the aisle. Looking rather embarrassed she pulled out a photo ID and showed it to her friends, giggling and talking. I don't understand Japanese, but I didn't need to. The conversation was obviously of a similar nature to mine when I got home with my photo ID. The only difference was that her photo was good.

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