17 March 2013

Story Telling

The little people were telling me about stories they'd written. They had used ideas that showed everything about their current reading and interests. The stories were about girls at a boarding school where lessons were mostly on horse riding, and magic was an ordinary occurrence.

I guess in some ways we don't really grow up that much, though we like to think we do.

If you read romance, then you know the couple will get together eventually, however much gets in their way. In murder mysteries, the police or protagonist find out 'who did it.' The good guys always win whatever the odds against them. Talking to any friends, or watching the news shows us this doesn't always happen in real life. People break up, hearts get broken, and it often feels like the bad guys always get away with it.

I think there is an element in each of us that never completely grows up, a part that hankers for some type of magic to make good things happen. It might not be the magic of Cinderella, fantasy novels, or vampires and werewolves, but who hasn't wondered about being able to go back and make a different decision, or further back to a totally different period of history, or having a skill that can drastically change things. All of this takes us out of the daily humdrum and makes a daydream just that bit brighter. I guess that's one of the reasons why we write.

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