08 April 2013

North and South, Top and Bottom

Here in New Zealand we are slowly moving from Summer into Autumn, and our clocks have just gone back an hour. It takes some getting used to - celebrating Christmas during Summer, and Easter at the beginning of Autumn. I tend to try and not think about seasons and months at the same time - it's just easier that way.

I visited a garden centre at the weekend, and was holding a beautiful yellow chrysanthemum when I noticed a poster in a quiet corner. The title of the poster was April, and before I read any further I looked at the flower in my hand and thought, that poster's a bit out of date it's autumn. 

Yes it is, which means it's April (not October!)  Mixing seasons and months adds confusion when you've spent the first half of your life in the northern hemisphere and then move 'downunder'.

Last weekend I had a long telephone conversation with my brother in England. Shortly afterwards I mentioned to one of the little people they had very cold weather in England with a lot of snow. As we were wearing shorts and t-shirts because it was hot and sunny here, she gave me a quizzical look and asked if their seasons were in a different order. Now that is mind blowing.

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