05 May 2013

Fascinating Phrases

Although companies talk a lot about using 'Plain English', I think it's still as far away as ever. On the positive side a lot of it makes me smile.

A sign on a door says, 'This door is alarmed.' Every time I see it, I wonder what's worrying the door.

In an email recently I came across this gem. This document was socialised. I know people socialise their dogs, but documents!

Another one was 'obtaining a rate via a skeleton' - hmm, that paints a vivid picture.

In the past couple of days I've heard two phrases that always irritate me.

'Almost exactly' and 'almost unique'. 

I won't bother with the rant, it is the weekend.

What funny phrases have you come across recently, and what are the misuses of words that irritate you most?


  1. As I'm working on a software rollout at the moment I loved this quote, 'Failure is not an option—it comes bundled with the software.'

  2. I find literally gets misused. I literally died of embarrassment, REALLY??