08 May 2013

Mixing Business and Pleasure

This world of ours seems to get more frazzled and frantic on a daily basis, leaving us with less time to spend on what's important, if we let it.

It's often difficult to put work out of our mind and just enjoy the moment, as so many articles and magazines tell us to do.

Working full-time and writing novels doesn't make that any easier either (not that I'm complaining!), but this week I've managed to mix pleasure and writing business on a couple of levels.  

I have a number of writer friends, and at the moment I'm beta-reading a novel by one of them. Reading often feels like a guilty pleasure, as when I'm reading I think I should be writing, but this week I can tell myself it's work.

I also belong to a Writers Group and on Sunday we're having our monthly meeting. We usually meet mid-week after work, but this month we're getting out of Auckland and meeting at the home of one of our group who lives further afield. 

With this in mind, and because work has been especially frantic the past few weeks, I decided to take the opportunity of a weekend in Raglan. A great mix of downtime and writing, and with the two extracts we're critiquing I've had more reasons for reading!

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