20 October 2010

Beginnings and Endings

I'm a details sort of person.  One of the ways this shows up is that when I'm writing I like to keep a note of my word count.  More than a note actually, a spreadsheet, along with dates.  Recently I looked at the spreadsheet I kept for Driftwood and saw that I started writing it in 2005.  Five years ago - for those who need my help with the maths!
I am still working towards many of the goals I had then.  I've been able to tick of a few: being accepted by a publisher and holding my first book, but there are still plenty more dreams to turn into reality.
Talking to other writers, and listening and reading interviews makes me realise, that like most things, there is no one route to publication.  We all find the path that works for us.  
Ultimately we have to believe in ourselves, and keep on writing.

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  1. It would be good to have the cover of Driftwood on the sidebar and the link to where we can buy a copy.