12 October 2010

The Book - at last

I finally held a copy of my first novel, and I have to say there is nothing quite like it.  Thinking about the moment now makes me smile.  
Driftwood has been published in the UK, and given that I live in New Zealand there is a slight distance involved!  Due to email this hasn't seemed like such a distance until waiting for THE book.
Ironically the copy I held wasn't my copy, but one a member of the writing group had ordered.
It has reminded me though of all the times I wandered around bookshops picking up books and reading the back cover, the first page, and imagined how it would be to see my book on a bookshelf. 
At the moment, for New Zealand, Driftwood is available through online retailers only, so the delight of seeing it on a bookshop shelf is another first I have to come.   

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