30 October 2010


I am definitely a writer who needs quiet time and space when working.  But I also enjoy the occasional excursion to a workshop or writing group, and the opportunity to talk shop with other writers.
This week has been busier than most in that respect.  I recently found out about a thriving group of writers in my own community, who meet once a month to share their work.  I went along on Wednesday, and had an enjoyable time listening to readings, and finding out about the projects they are involved with.
Yesterday I attended a publishing workshop organized by the NZSA.  It was an interesting day with some good presenters, and new information.  With so many new avenues opening up in e-books and print-on-demand it is an exciting time to be a writer, though the odds of being picked up by a major publishing house are still as nebulous as ever. 
It's a good thing that writers have vivid imaginations and dream big dreams.

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