24 November 2010

Jam Radio recordings

About this time every year I promise myself that things are going to be different.  That this year I will be organised.  That everything will be accomplished in good time, allowing me to actually enjoy the tasks, rather than feeling as though I've come last in every race.  
Suffice to say I haven't even made the promise this year. 
It's two weeks since the last post - oops and apologies, and I won't bore you with the litany of other things that are falling off the end of the list, as I'm sure you have your own long list.
On to happier topics. 
In previous postings I've mentioned the Creative Hub, and group of fellow writers I've been working with this year.  Recently we did some readings for Jam Radio, and those are now on their website.   
Happy listening, and once again thanks to Emma and the folks at Depot Artspace.

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