26 November 2010


Having got over my recent nerves at reading some of my work for Jam Radio, I have just come home from reading an extract of Driftwood at my local Borders store. 
Yes, it was all arranged, and the staff did know I was reading.  It wasn't a case of rocking up and standing in the middle of the store while people gave me a wide berth, wondering if I had escaped from an institution.
It was all very civilised actually.  There were four of us reading, and the lovely staff of Borders had tables and glasses of water for us, as well as a huge board outside the store advertising the event.  I did a double-take when I noticed a photo of myself as I walked past the board into the store. 
Everyone was very polite, clapped at the appropriate place, and didn't ask difficult questions at the end.
I might even do it again.  If I get asked!

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