18 March 2011

Friends, Writing Buddies and Wordle

Last year I joined an Advanced Writing Course group through the Creative Hub.  My main reason for this was that I wanted to find a group of writers with whom I could discuss writing, and swap work and feedback.  The course finished towards the end of the last year, and I’m thrilled that we decided to keep the group together.  We had one of our meetings earlier this week, and for part of the evening I received feedback on my latest work.
Getting feedback from other writers and readers is an essential part of the writing process, and I’m always blown away by the things that other people see that have totally escaped me.  I’d like to think I’m improving, but there are always good insights from the others that make me wonder sometimes.  It’s also a chance to ask specific questions if you have doubts about parts of the manuscript, plot or characters.
This week Hilary presented each one of us with a Wordle printout created from an extract of our writing.  Mine is now hanging where I can see it while I'm writing.  It’s a fun idea and the large words are some of the important ideas and characters from the manuscript, so besides being decorative it’s also inspiring.

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