21 March 2011

Point of View - and Titles (yet again!)

The title of my current WIP has changed a few times.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, titles are something I find difficult.  My novels tend to sit for a long time in a folder called Latest, or something similar.  Eventually I come up with something that does as a working title, but it generally changes a few more times.  My working title has been Ordinary Day for a long time.  It fitted because the day in question, as you would expect, is anything but ordinary, but I wasn’t very keen on the connotations of the word ordinary.  With a little help from a friend it’s now been changed to Lives Interrupted.
I’ve been working on the points my beta readers mentioned for Lives Interrupted.  Generally speaking I overwrite, and when I edited the first draft of the manuscript I cut out about 30,000 words.  In my initial culling I probably went a little overboard, and one of the comments was that the readers wanted a little more background on the characters, and also a little physical description.
Lives Interrupted is told from multiple points of view, and I’ve also been working on the POV characters, to make each a stronger individual voice.  Last week I read a great post on developing voices.  It’s one of the best I’ve seen on this topic.

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