11 March 2011


Following on from my comments on the last post, if planning is your thing, or you’ve been writing without planning and think you’d like to give it a go, but don’t have the Robert McKee book to follow, then here’s a good article to read. 
I had already started my first novel Driftwood before finding this site.  I had sketched out my main characters and done a little planning before starting to write, but after reading the Snowflake method I went back and followed the steps.  It helped me to look at the shape of the story, and to see some of the plot holes, and also places where the writing could possibly start to sag, and therefore where I might lose readers.
I read an article last night in a UK writing magazine, written by an author on her in-depth planning method.  It’s obviously synchronicity at work, so I’m off to do some more planning.

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