23 February 2012

Formatting eBooks

I'm thrilled to say that Smart Formatting: How to format and upload your novel to Kindle, Smashwords and CreateSpace is available from Amazon and Smashwords. It should also be available from other retailers shortly.

Smart Formatting covers the MS Word settings and formats you should use, and gives full instructions on these.  It looks at the elements you need to have ready, and the uploading process to KDP and Smashwords. 

Should you also want to produce a print book, I've included a section on formatting your manuscript to upload to CreateSpace.

I've used my experiences working in MS Word on a Windows PC system, so the book doesn't have any instructions for a Mac.

Here is the Table of Contents to give you a better idea of what is covered.

What Do We Mean by Formatting an eBook
The Elements You Need for Uploading Your Manuscript
   Book Cover Blurb
   Front Content
   End Content
   Book Cover
Sorting out MS Word
   Things You Shouldn't Do or Use
   Track Changes
   Word Styles
   First Line Indents and Block Paragraphs
   Creating a Table of Contents using Hyperlinks and Bookmarks
Formatting for KDP and Smashwords
   Paragraph and Heading Styles
   Formats for Saving Your Files
Publishing with KDP and Smashwords
   Uploading Your Book
   What Happens Now?
   Checking Your Book Without an eReader
Troubleshooting Formatting Errors
Creating a Print Book
   Book Interior
   Formatting Your Manuscript
   Paragraph and Heading Styles
   Front Matter
   Checklist for Interior Formatting
   Uploading Your File
   Creating Your Cover
   What Happens Next?
Author Central

If you click the Smart Formatting image on my website homepage, there is a free PDF you can download of the MS Word section of the eBook.  It has the same instructions as the eBook, but a few more screenshots, and has the advantage of being in colour!

I think the book is good value for $0.99. 

The next post will be back on writing topics, I promise.       

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