20 May 2012

The Delights of English

English is a funny language.

My mother's response to that would be, 'Funny ha ha, or funny peculiar?' 

We're often imprecise with the words we choose, and so can give the wrong impression or message.  If we're talking to someone we give them additional information through our body language, facial expressions and tone of voice.  Problems occur when we aren’t there, and the other person only has our words.

For a week or two I've seen a sign on a door that says, 'This door is alarmed.' Maybe it's just my juvenile sense of humour, but I can't help smiling as I wonder what events alarm doors.

Another day I walked along the road behind two men in suits as they discussed a project execution plan. I thought project deliverables were used in business jargon, seems like things have got a lot more serious. Maybe there are more terminal outcomes now if you don't meet a deadline.

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