15 May 2012

Thoughts of a Random Nature

One of the pleasures of going into the city is the view while travelling over the Auckland harbour bridge.  Most cities have a landmark that people associate with that city.  For me it's Rangitoto - the volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf.
This morning, as I looked at the city buildings ahead of me, two sheets of flame shimmered.  Not flame, but the sun reflecting off the glass façade of two buildings.  I turned to look at Rangitoto, and there was the sun cradled in the volcanic cone.  Stunning.


  1. What a wonderful picture you paint, Shauna. I’ve never visited New Zealand, but you’ve just made me feel I’ve been missing something very special.

    1. Thank you Rena, it is a beautiful country and I love living here. It felt like home straight away. The photos on my website are ones I've taken from around the country.