10 May 2012

Writers and Readers

For the next month or so I'm working in Auckland central business district, rather than from home as I usually do.  I haven't spent a lot of time in the city in recent months, and so it's been interesting finding out what's changed, and what is going on. 

I walked to the office a slightly different way yesterday and by chance came across this exhibition in the Bledisloe Lightboxes. I was hurrying at the time so didn't have chance to stop and take in each individual narrative (that's a sad reflection of the way we live), but I did so today.

This weekend is the Auckland Writers & Readers Festival, and there is a good line-up of non-fiction writers, novelists, short story writers and journalists.  I enjoy pouring over the information on all the sessions and deciding which to attend.  It's lovely to mix with so many other people who are passionate about the written word.

I always come away with more books to add to the pile waiting to be read.  Since having a Kindle the pile (both physical and electronic) has increased with two channels to feed my book buying habit.

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