08 July 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

I had a lovely surprise when I logged onto Twitter the other day, and found that I'd been given the Beautiful Blogger Award - not sure whether it's supposed to be me that's beautiful, or the blog!  Hopefully the blog. 
Thank you to Di Jones for this award, and phew, no big award ceremony so I don't have to rush out and buy something new to wear.

I've done some research and discovered that instead of the award ceremony I have to:
1. Post the award logo on my blog (tick)
2. Acknowledge the person who nominated me (tick)
3. Tell you seven things you didn't know about me
4. Pass the award onto seven other people.

Okay here goes with the seven things you don't know about me.

I run first thing most mornings - not very far or very well, but as it helps with the writing inspiration I'm trying to keep it up.

I have a scar on my leg where I was burnt by a hot water bottle.  Fortunately I was too young to remember it happening.

I've lived (in no particular order) in New Zealand, Cyprus, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales and spent a lot of my school summer holidays in Ireland as my mother was Irish.

At last count I've lived in around 20 houses - not surprising considering the point above.

I'd never broken a bone until about two years ago when I managed to break three at the same time.

Most of my mother's family were farmers, and during one memorable holiday (for the rest of the family - again I was too young to remember), I got chased by a flock of geese (which is probably the reason I don't like them) and managed to fall in a very muddy pond in my best dress.

I live about 10 minutes walk from the beach and would hate to live further away from it than that.

Time now to nominate seven blogs I enjoy reading, and therefore the new recipients of the Beautiful Blogger Award.  Here they are (big drum roll) in no particular order.

Sarah Duncan -  always great writing advice

David Gaughran - again great writing/marketing/publishing advice

Raptitude - musings on life and what makes humans do what they do

Rebecca Leith - a writer and blogger I discovered through Twitter

Anita Chapman - Anita has some beautiful photos on her blog and has collaborated in some great short stories - you can find the links on her blog

Catherine Ryan Howard - great advice on self-publishing and writing

New Hen on the Blog - a writing friend I met online

Duolit - Publishing/marketing advice

Oops that's eight, now you also know I can't count!

Thanks heaps to these bloggers, and all the many others that share their experiences and knowledge.  Have a great week. 


  1. Thank you so much for nominating my blog. And interesting things about you. I love Ireland and my first love was from Cyprus!

    1. Thanks Rebecca, and so we have more than just Bristol in common! I enjoy your blog - keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Shauna, thank you so much for nominating my blog!(and for saying such lovely things about it) You are so lucky living 10 minutes from the beach and wow, you have lived in so many places. I enjoy our chats on Twitter-when we're at opposite ends of our day-Usually I'm making dinner and you've just got up!

    1. That's one of the things I love about Twitter, blogs and the internet in general, you get to meet such great people. Living here in our beautiful, but tiny part of the world that is a real plus. Thanks again. Shauna.