27 July 2012

Deadlines and Positive Thinking

I've just finished a work project with a very tight deadline. I've had more than a few of those this year, and I enjoyed a wonderful moment of lightness as I uploaded the documents, and metaphorically watched them disappear.

Deadline is a very negative word. Out of interest I looked it up in the dictionary, the first two definitions were exactly as I had expected, but there was a third.

'(Formerly) a boundary around a military prison beyond which a prisoner could not venture without risk of being shot by the guards.'

And I thought my deadline was bad!

When I'm not actually stressing about a deadline I enjoy the work I do, and the fact that mostly I work from home.

I realise that it's not so much the activity, but how I view it, that defines how I feel about it.

So taking this idea further - enjoying every day is about looking at daily activities in a positive way.  Finding a way to make those tedious tasks more exciting or fun.  That's what we do with children, make a game of putting away the toys or clothes, or even eating their vegetables.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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