02 May 2011


A wet and blustery day here in Auckland.  I love the word blustery, as it reminds me of Winnie the Pooh – though I’d prefer it not to be so wet.
I had good news today – one of my entries in the South Island Writers Association competition received a ‘Commended’.  Among the rejections I receive as a writer, it is lovely to have some good news, and to see my entry in the anthology.  Thanks to those who ran and judged the competition for their hard work. 
There was a 1,500-word short story competition, as well as a 100-word flash fiction.  I received the commended for an entry in the flash fiction.
Short stories are good to work on, almost as an antidote to writing a novel, as they are discrete pieces of work that don’t take the months, or years, that a novel requires.  Though I have to admit some of my short stories have been worked and reworked over a period of years. 
Flash fiction takes the skill of short story writing to another level altogether, but I get huge satisfaction is creating a mood, and telling a story in a few words.
I participated in reading some of my work at our local Borders store on Friday evening, with other local writers.  One of my extracts was a 48-word story I had published in a book several years ago.  The evening was good fun, and a chance to meet with other writers and readers.

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