07 May 2011

Time Travelling

About five minutes after my last posting I had an email telling me I hadn't been shortlisted in another competition I had entered. Obviously the universe making sure I don't get too bigheaded! 

Time and place are things we don't always think too much about (unless we're writing of course), we know where we are and sometimes we know what time it is.

Earlier this week I flew from New Zealand to England to visit family.  Two longhaul flights with only an hour's break at Singapore airport is enough to dull anyone's senses as to what day it is, which is why I started writing this thinking it was Friday morning, only to realise it was actually Saturday morning which makes it Saturday evening in New Zealand.  A long-winded apology for being late and a warning postings might be sporadic over the next couple of weeks.  I hope you hang in there with me.

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