22 May 2011


One of the things I was looking forward to while here in England was scanning the magazine racks for writing magazines.  I subscribe to one magazine, The New Writer, which is a combination of writing articles, short stories and poetry, and which I think is only available through subscription.  

In New Zealand book and magazine shops I sometimes see copies of Writers Forum and Writing Magazine, though these are usually a couple of months out of date, which is okay for the articles but not much use for competitions.  I guess I should subscribe to them - a job on my to do list!

Back to my original line of thought - I've looked around a number stores while here and am amazed that the only writing magazines I've seen are the two I mentioned in the paragraph above.   My plans of finding more great writing magazines to read blown away.

Why is this?

Writers write, so why aren't there more magazines for and by writers? 
There are shelves of railway and other type modelling magazines, heaps of fitness and sport magazines, a wall of women's interest topics, and don't get me started on the number of computer and electronic gadget magazines, but only two writing magazines.  Maybe a sign of the times I thought, recession and cutting back, but then why so many other types of magazines?

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