18 September 2010

Book Covers

Seeing the proofs of my novel was thrilling for about 5 minutes, then came a dawning realisation I had work to do.  
Receiving the mockup of the front and back cover was exciting with the added bonus of no work to do.  
I've always loved words and the meanings they can convey, and am fascinated that in communication with others we can still end up thinking different things though we agreed on everything. 
I exchanged some emails with the publishers regarding the cover, and fortunately they had much the same idea as I did.  However, I had a specific beach in mind when writing several of the scenes in Driftwood and so the reality of the cover was never going to be the same as the images in my mind, but they did a great job and I'm glad we weren't too far apart in our ideas. 
It's getting closer and the release date is just a few weeks away.     

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