30 September 2010


It's funny how time expands or contracts depending on what you are doing, or waiting for. 
Since I first received the contract from Kinglake the time seems to have whizzed along.  Contract, proofs, cover, and not forgetting the delight of telling people, or my usual work that still needed to be done.
Driftwood is now 'out there' but as I live in New Zealand and the publishers are in England I haven't yet seen the finished product.  Another exciting 'first' that I can't wait for - again that ever changing element of time working its magic.
After finishing Driftwood I started on my second novel, Ordinary Day.  When I sent the synopsis and opening chapters of Ordinary Day to the publishers, time really did start doing some funny things.  
Every morning I would open my inbox and hold my breath hoping for a reply.  Any reply.  Euphoria when they asked to see the full manuscript.  More months of time kaleidoscoping until finally a no softened with good comments and constructive feedback.
So what do you do with this ever expanding and contracting commodity?  You write.  

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