29 September 2010

Moving on from enjoying the moment

I think I was always meant to be a writer. I'm not talking about talent (or lack of it) just that I enjoy the solitude, and have always been happy with my own company.  I need peace and quiet to write.  I'm not the type of writer who thrives on noise and confusion.
However I do realise that having a book published isn't the end of the story, and people need to know it's out there. 
I've put my toe in the water (yes I know it's a cliche) by telling extended family members, friends, people I know but haven't been in touch with for a while, and every so often someone I only know in a vague sort of way.
People have been amazed, surprised, astounded and many other adjectives, but all have been pleased and excited for me.
It's been fun and has made a great moment even better.

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