12 March 2012

Quality Writing

As writers we often get so caught up discussing whether we should wait to get an agent and a publishing contract, or go it alone and self-publish, that we forget the really important thing.  Becoming a good writer.

Generally speaking people aren't interested in how a book has been published, or who published it.  What they want is a quality read.

We don't all like the same books; some enjoy Stephen King, others Jodie Picoult (or anyone else you care to name), while others prefer the classics.  But whatever genre you read, you want a good book.

Yes, there are errors in traditionally published books, and I've seen more than a few clich√©s, but if you're going to self-publish you can't use these as reasons for your work being less than the very best it can be.

Anthony Horowitz covers some of these points in this article.

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