01 March 2012

Writing Groups

Last night we had the first meeting of the year for our writing group. As it is summer here in the Southern Hemisphere we've had the long school holidays, and people generally away on holiday, and so we didn't have a January meeting (used the time to do more writing obviously).

One of the group has a 2 hour drive for the meetings, but other than that we are all (relatively) local to each other. However since we started the group, one has moved to Christchurch, and another to Melbourne - nothing we said in our critiques I'm sure!

Last night had a definite international air with our distant attendees skyping in for the critique part of the evening. Food, and a general catch up of summer holidays took up the remainder of the evening.

In other posts I've talked a lot about the benefits of a critique group in writing, and I can't stress enough the help I've received from the group. I've heard some horror stories of people who've had bad experiences in critique groups, but we're very fortunate with our group. Everyone is extremely supportive, and the feedback is always constructive and never personal - thanks guys you're great.

In case you weren't aware Smashwords is holding a 'Read an e-Book Week' from 4 - 10th March 2012, and Lives Interrupted will be half-price on Smashwords during that week.

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