22 March 2012

The View From the Hill

Have you missed me?  You're probably looking at your screen in some confusion, wondering if I've gone off my head.  I've had an enforced break from my laptop, and all things computer, due to vision problems.  I had the outlines of a few posts ready, and scheduled them so I didn't disappear completely without notice.

I've had a posterior vitreous detachment, which in terms I could understand was a detachment of the jelly (like substance) behind the eye, attached to the lens. Apparently the chances of this happening increase with age, don't doctors just love telling you that, and being shortsighted.

It was a scary time to say the least, and fortunately I was able to go away for a short break, which also helped me cut back my computer time significantly.

While I was away one of my excursions was a strenuous walk up the very steep side of a dormant volcano.  The view of the coastline and large crater was definitely worth the effort of the climb.  On my way down I came up behind a slower group of five people, and as the path was narrow at that point I stayed behind them for a few minutes.  One of group, a man in his early twenties, was walking beside an older lady describing the foliage on the bank beside us.  As I passed them I noticed her hand resting on his arm, and at that point I realised she was blind.

That incident would have been significant at any time, but given the recent events it truly made me think.  The climb was arduous, and was also slippery and difficult in places.  For the lady to make the climb without being able to see the path, trusting totally in the guide, and without the reward of a wonderful view from the peaks, I found impressive and humbling.  I doubt I would have been able to do it.


  1. Elizabeth Dunn27 March, 2012 19:23

    Sorry for your horrible experience, Shauna, weighed up by the lovely experience. So many things to learn in this life!

  2. Yes indeed, many lessons. I would have preferred to miss that one as it was scary, but I'm glad to say things are improving gradually.